Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Te Ao Hurihuri at Crypt Gallery, London

Encroachment Necklace

Encroachment Necklace
Wool Fabric, Cotton Rope, Canvas, Thread, Wood, Steel, Salt, Sinkers, Sand.
500 x 500 x 1800

This work was created for an exhibition related to the 250 year anniversary of Cook's first voyage to New Zealand.  I’m interested in the act, which seems so absurd today, of turning up in an inhabited country and raising a flag to claim it as your own.  Viewers can raise the flag by pulling the tag, which causes sand to cover embroidered Māori names for the places Cook named Young Nick's Head, Poverty Bay, Cape Turnagain, Egmont, Queen Charlotte Sound, Thames River, Tolaga Bay, Mercury Bay and Hawkes Bay.

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