Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Handshake 2 at Avid Gallery

New works exhibited at Avid Gallery 
Handshake 2 Exhibition, 8 – 22 September 2015

Container Pendant, 2015                              450 x 55 x 45mm
Matai, paint, sterling silver, string

Back Brooch, 2015                                  55 x 60 x 15mm
Matai, paint, paper, linen, sterling silver

Enclose Pendant, 2015                             450 x 55 x 60mm
Matai, paint, sterling silver, brass, hemp string

Burnt Pendant, 2015                               50 x 20 x 15mm
Matai, charcoal, sterling silver, string, brass

Pencil Box and Beads Necklaces, 2015          480 x 70 x 15 and 550 x 90 x 15mm
Matai, string, sterling silver, paint, graphite, ink

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Handshake 2 at Stanley Street Gallery

New works, exhibited at Handshake 2
Stanley Street Gallery, 8 July – 1 August 2015

Structure II Necklace, 2015                          140 x 70 x 65mm
Matai, paint, sterling silver, brass, string

Comfort I Brooch, 2015                           75 x 80 x 20mm
Recycled blanket, silk, steel, linen, thread

Home I Brooch, 2015                               70 x 65 x 10mm
Timber, paint, steel, sterling silver

Home II Brooch, 2015                             140 x 70 x 65mm
Recycled blanket, tin can, thread, sterling silver, timber

Shelter I Brooch, 2015                            105 x70 x 15mm
Timber, paint, sterling silver

Structure I Brooch, 2015                            45 x 45 x 25mm
Timber, paint, sterling silver

 Structure II Necklace, 2015                          140 x 70 x 65mm
Matai, paint, sterling silver, brass, string

Monday, 1 October 2012

On Your Wings

On Your Wings, a group show curated by Kate Alterio including work by Kathryn Yeats, Kate Alterio,  Jane Dodd, Rebecca Fargher and Lisa West.

Opening at Gallery 33 in November.

I'm interested in the heart representing love and the four chambers of the heart creating an architectural link
with the body.  My pieces also explore time based processes and the physical memory of spaces.