Sunday 5 March 2017

Intimate Moments - It Will All Come Out In The Wash, Handshake and Dialogue Collective, Munich Jewellery Week, 2017

Intimate Moments

Working with Dialogue Collective has been a great experience.  Playful, experimental and social.

Interactions between the groups have traveled back and forth across the world, ending with a concept focused on the idea of laundry lines strung between buildings connecting neighbours.

The notion of laundry led me to an exploration of private worlds, underwear hanging outdoors, private items in the public sphere.  Public and private spaces, peering into peoples intimate spaces.  Our collective fascinations with other people’s lives.

Thursday 2 March 2017

Residual Traces - Handshake at Munich Jewellery Week 2017

Residual Traces


Objects and the traces left behind them.
I) Construct – Chalk line mapping out constructions.  Transient markings turned into structures.
II) Shelter – Channels directing rain, leaving the impression of protection.
III) Collapse – Returning to the beginning after a life, materials shedding and collapsing back into the surroundings.